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Creative Writing Tips

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Do you like to describe things, use your imagination, make up words, or make up stories? Then creative writing is for you! Creative writing is innovative writing. It takes many shapes and forms, and its only limit is the limit of your imagination.

Creative writing differs from business and academic writing in terms of form, topic, and purpose. Regarding form, creative writers don’t worry about contractions, sentence fragments, and extensive, zigzagging, cumbersome phrases. they don’t always pay attention to Capitalization commas or periods They sometimes follow an established format like that of a Haiku poem or a sonnet, while other times they make up their own form.

In terms of topic, creative writers write what they’re thinking about, what they’re feeling, about a dream they’ve had, or a story they have made up. Often they write about an experience they have had or an idea they want to communicate. If they don’t want to write about these things, they write about something else. They just sit down and write.

Concerning purpose, creative writers don’t usually write with the purpose of accomplishing a task, analyzing something, proving something, or landing a job. Usually, they write to share something. They may write for the enjoyment their writing might bring to others or for the purpose of entering a creative writing contest. Sometimes they target a particular audience, but not always. Often they write just because they like to write.

Do you like to write? Pick up a pen or open a blank document on your word processor and get started. Can’t think of anything to say? There are lots of writing prompts available on the internet to get you started. The sky’s the limit!

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